I have three standard options:

Hosting is simply complex. There are a few types of hosting. Accounts that can hold one domain and hundreds. Most all of my clients I have a personal relationship with and can recognize their voices within the first seconds of saying hello. I know them and understand their needs. I sometimes know there is an issue before they do and call to remedy.

It all starts with a domain. So many clients have issues with domain names, so I became a domain registrar as well to further help them out. I do not use the common budget registrars that sell your name, number and email address to those companies who stalk you and spam you once they have the data. It can happen anyway, but it could be public records whois searches, not just your registrar selling you out to credit card companies and the like. A domain name is really just a user friendly name that forwards the person to a destination called an IP address and displays the content to them.


Hosting can be moved without incident of data loss if you know what your doing! It can take a small preparation. I can have new hosting accounts working within 5 minutes and existing hosting accounts transferred within minutes to an hour hour as well.

Shared hosting is the most common. You share the server with multiple individuals and companies. Sometimes up to hundreds if not thousands with some of the farms with low prices to entice your business. It is usually the most affordable.

Dedicated servers are where you are the only one on the server ever. Maybe you have one account or maybe you have 100 or 500 hosting accounts, but you are the server and as much as you put, its all yours. You can even be a hosting company if you wanted and I can teach and train you how. Even help manage the server. It is usually under $300 per month for a really basic server. You also get complete ‘root access’ which means you can do absolutely anything.

Virtual Dedicated servers are where you share the server, but with maybe 10 other individuals or companies.  From $50 to $100 per month. You get root access as if it were a Dedicated server as well. Few can tell the difference.

VPS is like a cloud level Dedicated server. Similar to Dedicated, but more like a Virtual Dedicated. They can be $100 to $200 per month. You get root access as well.

There are more, but most common are these. If you are a large company, you can even have a service called Cloud Flare and duplicate your server across multiple countries. Have a US based system, UK based system, Australia based system, etc. All of the servers having the same deployment of data. That is the complex, extremist version. Don’t ask the price unless your serious, too.

When you host these days, you are said to be in bed with the reputation of everyone else on the server you are on and provider. Smaller companies can control the reputation of who is allowed on the servers. There maybe a slight increase in price due to keeping less people per server. I manage many tenured clients. You can try the cheap hosting, but you may find you truly get what you pay for.

I update my servers security near daily if not weekly to make sure security is at its best. Larger companies might once or twice every so often. Managing that many servers they do it with package updates. Something goes wrong thousands and hundreds of thousands of sites can stop working.

The data is on a redundant raid array having two copies of all data at any time. I also back up the sites every day for 7 days, S,M,T,W,T,F,S; once bi weekly and monthly. There are 9 copies of your website at any point if you run into troubles.

If there are issues, I am the one who will assist you. We can load up remote software and walk you through if desired. You get my cell phone number for any support needed. I usually do not have a tremendous issue.

Good maintenance equals happy clients.


I like these guys. Sure you can get servers cheaper elsewhere, but rackspace for instance charges you to touch the server or assist. Most other companies are cheaper and services entail the system is “on” that’s it. These folks manage it and help nearly in any way you care for. They earned my respect and business.